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The Beauty of Klimt

My favourite artist of all time.....Gustav Klimt

New Zealand International Art Festival

SHOWING: 26th Feb - 21st March 2010
Inside out is an exhilarating creation from Sweden's dynamic and contemporary circus ensemble, Cirkus Cirkör. A dazzling combination of phenomenal acrobatic feats, bewitching storytelling and video imagery, this unforgettable production is an exploration of life, death, and the fears that bind us all. Set to an intoxicating live performance from Swedish rock group Irya's Playground, this is a true celebration of the circus arts - infused with seduction, humour and a whole lot of heart.
Two people trapped in their own definition of safety and success find their lives turned upside down when they encounter a circus company of charming and bizarre characters. Spectacular acrobatics, trapeze, clowning, mime, magic and illusion are delivered with cocky commitment from the talented performers, defying gravity, logic, and predictability at every turn.
Cirkus Cirkör was founded in Stockholm in 1995 with a desire to change the world through circus. It soon evolved from an underground movement with a cult following, to a formidable circus ensemble that has toured the world to rave reviews. Be inspired and transformed by this mind-blowing production - Inside out dares you to take your fear by the hand, and jump.


Title: Scarlett - © Sarah Ina Alexander 2010
Media: Mixed media on canvas
Price: $500

The Shiz

Title: The Shiz - Si@ 2009
Media: Acrylics on boxed canvas
Size: Huge :P
Price: SOLD